Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Field Trip: Patti Smith and Michael Stipe celebrate Jean Genet's 100th birthday at MoMA

The movies–among other games–teach the natural, a natural made up completely of artifices ...

-- Jean Genet Our Lady of the Flowers

On Sunday, December 19, MoMA visitors were treated to a “walk-in performance” by artist and musician Patti Smith, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of prominent and challenging French writer and political activist Jean Genet. The performance, in MoMA’s Marron Atrium, could not have been better. (more at MoMA Inside/Out)

Jean Genet

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Soup Radio November

Mab's been sleeping a lot lately in between juggling projects, so some important blog balls have been dropped amongst the dust bunnies! Argh!

Arahan Claveau's fantastic Soup Radio returned with an all new programming lineup for November earlier this month, featuring shows by Arahan (Steve Millar) with Khamudy Mannonen, Jane Vippond, and Allan Stanley Taylor; Amy Freelunch; and Penumbra Carter with Molly Cybertar- see Soup Radio blog for full details and listen inworld at Soup sims (Eryri and Magoo), or in your media player.

November 2010 Show Notes

Soup Radio blog

Soup Radio stream

Thanks to New World Notes for blogging Soup Radio!

Grazie Roxelo for streaming Soup Radio at Museo del Metaverso on OpenSim world Craft!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Soup Radio launches Saturday 9 October 12PM SLT

soup radio

Soup and Lovers Lane Studios are excited to see the launch of Arahan Claveau's Soup Radio!

See Soup Radio Blog for details

Tune in with your media player (iTunes, VLC, Winamp etc.) via this link:

or listen at the ::: Soup ::: Eryri and ArtNation Push sims in Second Life®.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Garrett Lynch: There, Now

Garrett Lynch's There, Now at ArtNation on Push

27 September 2010



Saturday, October 2, 2010

Penumbra Carter's 'Nihilist'

Penumbra Carter's Nihilist

I wanted to make a cinema of ideas, not plots, and to try to use the same aesthetics as painting which has always paid great attention to formal devices of structure, composition and framing, and most important, insisted on attention to metaphor. Since film is not painting–and not simply because one moves and the other doesn't–I wanted to explore their connections and differences–stretching the formal interests to questions of editing, pacing, studying the formal properties of time intervals, repetitions, variations on a theme, and so on.

-- Peter Greenaway, quoted in Peter Greenaway's Postmodern/Poststructuralist Cinema by Paula Willoquet-Maricondi

It is one of the most important formal qualities of film that every object that is reproduced appears simultaneously in two entirely different frames of reference, namely the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional, and that as one identical object it fulfills two different functions in the two contexts.

-- Rudolf Arnheim Film as Art

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Field Trip: Kit Webster Revisited: Enigmatica II

Kit Webster's ENIGMATICA II at Illusion/Illusion exhibition, McClelland Gallery 11 July – 19 September 2010

Continued experimentation into new forms of synesthetic sculpture. -- Kit Webster

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Roy Ascott's LPDT2

The pleasure of the text is that moment when my body pursues its own ideas–for my body does not have the same ideas I do.

-- Roland Barthes The Pleasure of the Text
Tr. Richard Miller

22 August 2010 (Preview)

Virtual Art filmed in Second Life® at Angewandte
Best viewed full-screen

LPDT2: Roy Ascott
Programming and Architecture: Selavy Oh
Architecture and Terrain: MosMax Hax (Max Moswitzer)
Avatars and Soundscape: Alpha Auer, Alpho Fullstop and alpha.tribe (Elif Ayiter)
Avatar Animations: Frigg Ragu (Heidi Dahlsveen)

i-DAT: University of Plymouth, UK
Simulator Host: University of Applied Fine Arts, Vienna

LPDT2 is being projected to Real Life throughout September 2010 in Incheon, South Korea during the Incheon International Digital Art Festival (INDAF) 2010 in Tomorrow City, Songdo.

Avatar appearances by Alex Arashi, Allegory Ordinary, Arahan Claveau, Category Silent, Erdbeermund Schnute, Eupalinos Ugajin, Fau Ferdinand, Hegemon Maximus, Mab MacMoragh, MosMax Hax, Sca Shilova, Selavy Oh, Solo Mornington, somerset Verne

'LPDT2 : The Second Life of La Plissure du Texte' is the Second Life® incarnation of Roy Ascott's groundbreaking new media art work La Plissure du Texte ('The Pleating of the Text'), created in 1983 and exhibited at the Musee de l'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.

The title of the project, 'La Plissure du Texte: A Planetary Fairy Tale,' alludes to Roland Barthes's book 'Le Plaiser du Texte', a famous discourse on authorship, semantic layering, and the creative role of the reader as the writer of the text. As was also the case in its first incarnation 'distributed authorship', a term coined by Ascott, has been the primary subject of investigation of LPDT2.

Read more here- text by Alpha Auer (Elif Ayiter)

Second Life® visitors teleport here

Second Life® 2.x viewer custom sky settings for this installation can be downloaded here



Selavy Oh

Garrett Lynch


more INDAF

Roy Ascott's LPDT2
Selavy Oh inside Roy Ascott's LPDT2  

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Opening Today, Garrett Lynch on Soup Push 'There, Now'

Garrett Lynch
Image: Garrett Lynch

Garrett Lynch
Image: Garrett Lynch

. . . in a world which lives by the truth of its simulation, that is by abstracting reality and virtualizing it until the map stands for the territory, there seems to be no reason to re-abstract the abstracted, for it would be an act without logic. It is here that artists, by being compelled to point out the opposites, arrive at new ways of showing the sublime (Doreet LeVitte Harten)

Wednesday, 11 August 2010 1PM SLT

You are invited to the opening of "There, Now" by Garrett Lynch:

__________ There, Now by Garrett Lynch __________


NOTE: The installation uses numerous media streams, please make sure you have audio and video enabled, turn your audio up high and be patient for the content to load.


There, Now, a mixed reality installation by Garrett Lynch, continues work on ideas of space/place initiated as part of the on going series of interventions at I AM Columbia:

Intervention #1
Intervention #2

On entering the installation at Push the visitor is presented with what resembles a vista of another space, a combined place that employs live imagery from four continents together with rudimentary Second Life primitives and dynamic effects such as simulated water and particles.

Similar to Intervention #2, the installation is a way and means of seeing out of the 'virtual' space that is Second Life however this time it is our global physical environment we see which has been cut and pasted together. Distance, time and place as experienced in 'real' life are folded together. On closer inspection however the installation is revealed to be designed to be seen from a single viewpoint. 'Real' mountains, forests and skies become flats on the 'virtual' stage of Second Life, moving around them reveals their true shape, their featureless sides and back and the props that supposedly support their ('virtual') physical weight.

More than a Second Life space, blacked off from the environment of Second Life within its own construction, it is almost completely isolated from the 'virtual' world yet acknowledges and underlines its falsehood. The space is visually analogous to pictorial representations of space within our culture. It is a representation layered within the representation of Second Life. Not 'real' and yet no longer just 'virtual', it mixes these together to create a third space, a meta metaverse that adds another layer to our experience of reality.

Only by entering this representational space within a representational space can we remove/distance ourselves from the first and look at it objectively.

Many thanks to all at Soup and Lovers Lane Studios for their support and kindly hosting this work.

Webcam locations within the installation are arranged as follows:

1) The sky over Shizuoka Prefecture in front of Mt.Fuji, Japan
2) The Grand Canyon, Arizona, America
3) The Rockies, Banff, Canada
4) The Black Forest, Todtmoos in Germany
5) The plains in front of Kilimanjaro, Kenya, Africa
6) The Pyramid of Cheops, Giza, Egypt

(Text by Garrett Lynch)

Garrett Lynch

Viewer 2 is required to experience shared media in this installation.

Teleport to Push

Monday, July 19, 2010

Opening Today, Rod Mandel on Soup Magoo 'Your Assumption is Correct'

Rod Mandel

in the end we go to poetry for one reason, so that we might more fully inhabit our lives and the world in which we live them (Christian Wimen)

Monday, 19 July 2010 1PM SLT

You are invited to the opening of "Your Assumption is Correct" by Rod Mandel:

Rod Mandel
Your Assumption is Correct
July 19, 2010 – August 30, 2010

Lovers Lane Studios at ::: Soup ::: Magoo is proud to present “Your Assumption is Correct” a process-driven installation by Rod Mandel, curated by Mab MacMoragh. Mandel is an Artist and Founder of the Invisible Museum of Post Contemporary Art.

Influenced by the writings of Jorge Luis Borges, Mandel’s work often takes the form of ‘historical fiction’, offering the viewer the freedom to decide which aspects, if any, they believe. Part of Mandel’s fascination with History stems from a contextual idea that history does not exist. “Your Assumption is Correct” is a metaphor for the act of reflecting on an idea. The piece is a process-based examination of recent poignant events in American Culture. The scene, an offshore oil rig transformed into a contemporary art museum, alluding to the indecipherable line between fact and fiction, is the predetermined context. (Text by Rod Mandel)

Teleport to Magoo (SLurl)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Field Trip: Kit Webster

ENIGMATICA by Kit Webster (link)

Kit Webster's ENIGMATICA II installation is part of the Illusion/Illusion group exhibition at McClelland Gallery, Victoria, Australia 11 July - 19 September 2010

In his video environment he projects syncopated patterns of coloured lines and shapes which form and dissolve over geometric forms, at times reinforcing the three dimensionality of the objects before running counter to the geometry and destroying our spatial readings. His video projection installation is an intricately composed synesthetic environment which plays with the coupling of light, sound and space. (more) -- McClelland Gallery

DATAFLUX by Kit Webster (link)

The installation merges mechanics, video object mapping, intelligent lighting and sonic triggers into one choreographed sequence . . . (more)

I'm also thinking about implementing camera tracking or some other form of input device to allow the observer to have some form of control as to how their environment is shifting. I would also like to implement the Perspective Anamorphosis [at the next level]. It's really my dream to be able to create a virtual environment that is indistinguishable from the real thing. I think its interesting that if you have complete control over one's environment, you can have it eloquently shift from the real to the imaginary.

These environments are not defined by natural characteristics but by one's imagination, allowing for the superimposition of a mindspace onto (or deep within) a physical domain. Awakening a space with life through the connection of the perceptual awareness of the observer and the creativity of the designer, based on the theory that the mind is essentially a tool [for] perceiving the enigma that is our surroundings and vice versa. It's based around the notion that we have only skimmed the surface when it comes to identifying and experiencing the complexities of a given space. Complete digital control has taken over the environment,allowing realities to shift from the actual to the imaginary. Real-world environments are augmented in such a way that perception cannot be defined as being under cerebral or environmental control and thus reality is undifferentiated from hallucination. I really feel that there could be an infinite number of experiences that we are not yet equipped to discover. We are really on a threshold of technological discovery. (more) -- Kit Webster

Kit Webster (link)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Second Lives Project : Ambrotypes of Avatars

Sowa Mai Ambrotype by Susan E. Evans

Would you like to participate in an art project? Please send me a screen shot of your avatar(s) with their name, world or game and location “inworld.” I plan on making an ambrotype from the images as part of my project Second Lives. (Susan E. Evans)

Jimmy Branagh Ambrotype by Susan E. Evans

◦ What is needed: Full screen captures! Don't crop them as Susan will need to crop the images to fit the glass plates. If you crop them yourself she risks running out of image to cover the plate.

◦ How: Classic portrait style. Head shots, torso shots or full body shots are good. Don't send action captures. Static poses are best.

◦ When choosing your color palette, keep in mind that yellow hues will turn out black and fine white details will not show up if much of the image is light.

◦ Avatars in all virtual worlds welcome. This is an ongoing project. There is no deadline.

◦ Send your uncropped image and info (avatar name, world or game, and location inworld) to:

Dekka Raymaker Ambrotype by Susan E. Evans

The ambrotype (from Greek ambrotos, "immortal") or amphitype is a photograph that creates a positive image on a sheet of glass using the wet plate collodion process. (Wikipedia)

We live in a time where more people are using the digital frontier to entertain, escape and connect. It used to be that the ambrotypist would travel the frontier in their wagons and photograph those living on the fringes of civilization. Nearly 160 years later, I travel the new frontier of online communities, photographing those paving the way. While the inhabitants of these non-physical communities and games do not go there physically, they are often able to manipulate and control their online incarnation: creating an abject presence of themselves. This project creates both a tangibility and history to the 'lives' of these inhabitants who, by design, do not know or have either. The ambrotype images make a tangible manifestation of the intangible persona while simultaneously showing the death of that moment.

-- Susan E. Evans (more)

Here's a great look at the hands-on process of wet plate photography as practiced by fine art photographer Sally Mann:

To see more ambrotypes of avatars made by Susan E. Evans look here

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


9 June 2010

Virtual Art Performance filmed in Second Life®

Live performance as part of the Companionship mini-series: Selavy Oh with qiezli Hixantapo (Jeremy Owen Turner) at the Museo del Metaverso, Uqbar

"qiezli as abstract avatar consisting of colored geometric shapes and Selavy. 'Undressing' the avatars reveals the underlying human shape of both avatars. After being completely undressed, both avatars swapped shape and appearance and slowly dressed using 'clothes' and attachments of the other, thus becoming the other" (Selavy Oh)

Music "Rainsong 1.1" by Mack Gecko, performed by Scratchdaisy Trio

More info:





Monday, June 14, 2010

Reposted: Newark is Watching open to RL this Saturday


This is the final week of Brooklyn is Watching before it hands over the prims to Newark is Watching. evonne has posted this notice on the Newark is Watching blog. I think there's going to be a tower takeover event then but I don't actually know any details! Gallery Aferro will be showing Newark is Watching to the public in their New Media Room (link for event). Come if you can and help inaugurate the new space! Will there be chaos? Probably. Will there be someone at a party in an art gallery watching? YES!

On June 19th, from 7-10 PM EST, the RL public attending Gallery Aferro’s 2nd annual benefit party will be able to operate Monet and look around. Not sure what to expect, but there will be more people in the gallery than at almost any other time of year.

So if you want to say hello or watch as Monet staggers a bit, please do visit.

Visit the Newark is Watching blog


Brooklyn is Watching: The new Amy Freelunch show 3: Exploding Selavy

Sunday 13 June 2010: Amy breaks Brooklyn is Watching's simulated physics with her endlessly gushing Selavy Oh/Mosmax Hax pipeline art piece combining big bang scripting with Whitenoise freebies, discusses the art movement called Virtualism and how it could relate to several big pictures (info & info), and examines nerdy-funny robot art assembled with found objects by Cheyenne Palisades (who, by the way, has announced her candidacy for CEO of Linden Lab® here). Mab, who is definitely a nerd, has not had time to be inworld since last week so is illustrating this great Amy Freelunch podcast with an itty bitty slideshow made previously (above) and also a nice image (below) of a water skiing robot made by Cheyenne so you can squint your eyes and imagine seeing the things that Amy describes so well at Brooklyn is Watching.

Listen to the podcast here, or go to the SoundCloud page. The new podcast is currently in rotation on Soup radio inworld on the Soup sims. The radio is reset most days at 1PM SLT, which means that Amy's podcast can be heard at that time, as well as intermittently the rest of the hours. After a few days off, podcasts 1 & 2 will rejoin the playlist inworld again.

'Who Says Robots Can't Water Ski?' by Cheyenne Palisades

The new Amy Freelunch show, ep 3: Exploding Selavy by Amy Freelunch

Visit Brooklyn is Watching in Second Life® SLurl


Friday, June 4, 2010

Brooklyn is Watching : Chance-Imagery #5

Chance-Imagery #5 by Mab MacMoragh

29 May 2010

Virtual Artwork filmed in Second Life® at Brooklyn is Watching

Artists: Betty Tureaud, Dancoyote Antonelli, Gleman Jun, Glyph Graves, Kicca Igaly, Monroe Jigsaw, nessuno Myoo, Oberon Onmura, Solo Mornington, Werner Kurosawa

Music: 'I'd Like That' by XTC



::: Soup ::: Push



Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bill Viola: The Night Journey

The Night Journey by Bill Viola, USC Game Innovation Lab (link)

Video artist Bill Viola is developing an experimental video game with USC Game Innovation Lab. The project has been in the works since 2005 and will be completed sometime this year. It's unknown whether the immersive artwork will be made available for home use, or will only be experienced in art settings and churches (link) (link).


Ocean Without a Shore, 2007
3-channel High Definition Video/Sound Installation
Production stills
Photo: Kira Perov

Bill Viola's An Ocean Without a Shore Church of San Gallo, Venice 2007 Venice Biennale (more info)


The Fall into Paradise, 2005
Video/sound installation
Screen size: 10.5 ft. X 14 ft. (320 cm x 427 cm)
9 minutes and 58 seconds
Photo: Kira Perov

All works of art, though visible, represent invisible things.

-- Bill Viola

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The new Amy Freelunch show 2: Originality in SL Art

Betty Tureaud's Mountain of Colouers
Betty Tureaud's Mountain of Colouers
Betty Tureaud's Mountain of Colouers

As Arahan notes in his comment under the previous post, there's a new podcast from Amy! This time she discusses works by Betty Tureaud and Oberon Onmura both onsite and offsite Brooklyn is Watching.

The new Amy Freelunch show, episode 2: Originality in SL Art (direct link for download)

The new Amy Freelunch show, ep 2 by Amy Freelunch

Both of Amy's new episodes are currently playing in rotation on Soup Radio which can be heard 24/7 on the Soup sims (Push, Eryri and Magoo). This month Amy's shows come round about every three hours starting at 1PM SLT most days (when the radio is reset).

'Transition Zone' by Oberon Onmura from Mab MacMoragh on Vimeo.
15 May 2010

Virtual Art Filmed in Second Life® at Two Fish Sim
Hosted by Rose Borchovski
Appearances by Jo Ellsmere, Mab MacMoragh, and Pixel Reanimator
Music: Threnos by John Tavener
Performed by Natalie Clein

Visit Brooklyn is Watching in Second Life® (SLurl)


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Recycling Art

What you see here is a tote bag, which previously was part of an artwork.

Previously, that is a couple of weeks ago in NYC, Amy Wilson showed a large-scale public art installation made of digital prints on vinyl at the construction site of the West Thames Park project. The original watercolor drawings can now be seen at BravinLee programs in the exhibition It takes time to turn a space around...

But now comes the twist: instead of simply stowing away the vinyls, Amy decided to use them for a new purpose: to turn them into a limited edition of carefully hand-crafted tote bags!

That means: what you see here is not just a tote bag that was previously an artwork. Much better, it is an artwork on its own made of recycled vinyl, part of a limited edition, printed but hand-crafted, a multiple but unique.

And the best: you can get one at Amy's shop!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The new Amy Freelunch show!

Amy Freelunch
Amy Freelunch at There's no bible in here? by Dekka Raymaker & Penumbra Carter, Soup Magoo

Amy's back with her radio show! She skates through Brooklyn/Newark is Watching to think about Penumbra Carter's Lighthouse and Rod Mandel's Koons appropriation in between feeding her dog treats and playing music.

Listen daily streamed through Soup Radio on the Soup sims inworld at 1PM SLT (and in rotation the rest of the day) or in your media player (link)


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Soup: Last Weekend for 'There's no bible in here?'

Dekka Raymaker & Penumbra Carter
Dekka Raymaker & Penumbra Carter's There's no bible in here?

Fair Warning! This is the last weekend to see this fantastic sim-wide exhibition. By Tuesday it will have vanished. Mab is working on a machinima to document the installation so that will be another chance to see a wee version of it later on this blog. But nothing can take the place of experiencing it for yourself! Go now before it's too late! Best seen at sunset or midnight. Sounds are an integral part of the artwork, and should be turned on and up. How to describe it? That's a hard question but it's sort of like an organic industrial fifties-feeling modern working factory simscape driven by an efficient steampunk system, a littered church, freebies that cost $L, mythological ornithology, denizens of the deep, and sublimated eros.

Oh, and also it's like this.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Field Trip: Marina Abramović's The Artist is Present


Watch Marina Abramović's durational performance at MoMA on live video (must refresh and reclick page when stream times out) link

via Art Fag City link

Also: Ten Notes on Marina Abramović’s ‘The Artist is Present’ by Dan Fox (Frieze Magazine) link

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Portrait Island: doppelgänger/ Art and Connectivity Panel Forum

17 April 2010 doppelgänger Virtual Artwork filmed by Mab MacMoragh in Second Life® on Portrait Island

This video is an abbreviated look at doppelgänger, the virtual exhibition held by the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, on Portrait Island in Second Life® from 23 October 2009 to 23 April 2010. There are lots of texts in it that go by quickly, so the viewer is urged to pause the video as needed to read the various signs, notecards, web pages, and words incorporated into the artwork.

Cao Fei (China Tracy)- iMirror, 2007 (China) (See iMirror in its entirety part 1 part 2 part 3
Patrick Lichty (Man Michinaga)- CodePortraits, 2009 (USA) (See all 12 keepsake videos)
Gazira Babeli- iGods, 2009 (Italy) (see National Portrait Gallery's iGods video)
Adam Nash (Adam Ramona), Christopher Dodds (Christo Kayo), Justin Clemens (Jack Shoreland)- Autoscopia, 2009 (Australia) (See National Portrait Gallery's Autoscopia video)
Andrew Burrell (Nonnatus Korhonen)- temporary self portrait in preparation for the singularity, 2009 (Australia) (See National Portrait Gallery's temporary self portrait video)

National Portrait Gallery:
Online manager- Gill Raymond (Portrait Watanabe)
Senior Curator- Michael Desmond (Portrait John)
Architect/SIM Designer- Greg More (Dynamo Zanetti)

Podcasts of Gillian Raymond discussing this exhibition with Greg More, Patrick Lichty, Andrew Burrell, and the trio of Adam Nash, Christopher Dodds, and Justin Clemons can be listened to on iTunes

~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

Art and Connectivity: Cyberforum
In association with the doppelgänger exhibition, the National Portrait Gallery hosted a panel forum on 23 March to discuss notions of identity in the digital realm, the possibilities of art in a connected world and the role cultural institutions may play in this environment.

The guest speakers for the discussion were:
Christiane Paul, Director of the Media Studies Graduate Programs and Associate Professor of Media Studies at The New School, New York.
Melinda Rackham, Adjunct Professor at RMIT University and Emerging Artforms Curator at Subtle Net, Melbourne, Australia.
Michael Desmond, Senior Curator, National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, Australia.
Andrew Burrell SL: Nonnatus Korhonen
Patrick Lichty SL: Man Michinaga

The one hour streaming video of this event can be viewed in its entirety on the National Portrait Gallery website (link). Mab transcribed the talk, abridging and adjusting it a bit for reading as text.

Read the transcript after the jump.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

'Entropy' by Glyph Graves

17 April 2010

Sorry I don't have a SLurl to this yet, but I think it's part of the 'Through the Virtual Looking Glass' exhibition. You can read about that and see a longer video made by Nettrice Gaskins of this installation (link)

Update: Apparently, although Nettrice says the installation is for 'Through the Virtual Looking Glass', it's actually a part of Bryn Oh's project for the World Expo Shanghai 2010 'Open This End'


The SLurl is:


My apologies for the confusion!

Music: loop sourced from 'Where Bluebirds Fly' by Radiohead (link)

Dreams and Virtual Ability Inc: Opening Doors to New Worlds

2010 Autism Experience 3

2010 Autism Experience 3, "Opening Doors to New Worlds"
Music Events and Art Auction benefitting Virtual Abilities Inc and the Dreams SIMs




Location: Fashionista Island, Ampitheatre


Donations from over 35 amazing SL artists
All proceeds to VAI and Dreams!

Celebration concerts:

3PM SLT .. Cylindrian Rutabaga
4PM SLT Somerset Oh & Rhode

Fashionista Auction site: (SLurl)


(1) CONCERT - Friday April 23, 5, 6 and 7AM SLT

Location: The Colour Factory
Benefit concert musicians:

5AM SLT - Dominick Manatiso
6AM SLT - Somerset Oh & Rhode aka SOAR
7AM SLT - Jon Bazar

Donation jars for VAI and Dreams near the stage during this concert event :)
Special opal jewelery by RebelMum Slade available during the event all proceeds to VAI and Dreams

Norwegian Forest (SLurl)


(2) ART PREVIEW - Friday - Sunday Morning

Location: Fashionista Island, Moslp and Ampitheatre

A preview of the art donated to the Autism Experience 3 auction - for your viewing pleasure -

Please note which pieces you may wish to bid on at Sunday's auction. A notecard to supplement this event card, noting the donating artists will be available at the preview; more details to come!

Museum of SL Photography (SLurl)



(tip jars for VAI and Dreams available for donations thru out the concerts)

LOCATION: The Gerswhin Room

Venue owners Benethar Fluffball and Bundy Zue have planned a concert in remembrance of ANZAC day. Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand, and is commemorated by both countries on 25 April every year to honour members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought at Gallipoli in Turkey during World War I.

They have graciously allowed the Autism Experience 3 to be a part of this event - donation jars available throughout the concerts

1:00AM SLT - OhMy Kidd
2:00AM SLT - Rara Destiny
3:00AM SLT - The Lohners
4:00AM SLT - Tpenta Vanalten
5:00AM SLT - Soar

B&B's Music Park (SLurl)

With many thanks to the artists and musicians and each of you who support compassion, understanding, information and acceptance and the work of VAI and Dreams.

With most sincere thanks,
Mariposa Upshaw, Curator


Monday, April 19, 2010

art:21- Call + Response: Collaborative Art in Virtual 3D Worlds

Brooklyn is Watching/Lovers Lane Studios and SLon des Refuses artists Misprint Thursday, Sowa Mai, Oberon Onmura, Cinco Pizzicato, Solo Mornington, Selavy Oh, and Azdel Slade (among other great SL® virtual artists) are featured by Nettrice Gaskins on today's art:21 blog. It's the third piece in two weeks to focus on virtual art!

Art production in virtual 3D worlds brings together people with different knowledge and skills.

Read more (link)


Friday, April 16, 2010

First Podcast: Newark is Watching - Getting to Know You

NIW getting put together: photo via Brooklyn is Watching on Flickr (link)

The inaugural Newark is Watching podcast from Gallery Aferro is here (link)

And now for something completely different*

*with apologies to Monty Python


New Terms of Service? What do they mean to artists? Does anyone really know? No. Does anyone have a clue? Yes.

The new Second Life TOS (Terms of Service), to be effective 30 April 2010, were discussed at length by Robert Bloomfield and Joshua Fairfield (legal expert and virtual world analyst) on the 100th episode of Metanomics (14 April 2010). If you have any creative investment and future plans at all in Second Life®, it's well worth the time it takes to listen to them talk on the archived stream (about an hour). Snapshots and machinima are addressed roughly 1/3 of the way through (about 17:00 into the video) and on page 5 of the transcript.

Watch video: link

View transcript: link

Roland Legrand succinctly summarizes the show on MixedRealities: link

"The internet is not a typewriter and you will be a licensee rather than an owner."

Arahan Claveau has posted the new TOS in its entirety here: link

The Official Second Life® Blog does not seem to address the new TOS, but it can be found on their corporate page here, along with links to other policies and guidelines: link

Update: Mab couldn't find it but Ina Centaur has provided the location where M Linden summarizes the new TOS in the Community Blog, with links to the FAQ and the Discussion Thread (warning- it's like a sausage factory): link


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

art:21-code as concept and responsive art

Second guest blog-post by Nettrice Gaskins on virtual art this week on the fantastic art:21 blog! Viva!

Selavy Oh and Glyph Graves, both part of the Brooklyn is Watching 30 Best and Final Five last year (and both Lovers Lane Studios artists), are prominently featured in today's blog post by Nettrice Gaskins, along with Brooklyn is Watching SLon des Refuses (and Lovers Lane Studios artists) Sowa Mai and Banrion Constantine.

Second Life® virtual medium artists Wizard Gynoid, Opensource Obscure, AM Radio, and theorist Georg Janick (Gary Zabel) are also mentioned.

Using scripts, artists can transform objects into virtual robots inhabited by software agents that work behind the scenes while human-driven avatars interact or become immersed in the art.

art:21 blog- Nettrice Gaskins "Responsive Art & Evolving Artificiality in Virtual Worlds"

read more (link)


About Art21:

Art21 was founded in 1997 with the mission to increase knowledge of contemporary art, ignite discussion, and inspire creative thinking by using diverse media to present contemporary artists at work and in their own words.

Art21 produces the Peabody-winning PBS series Art:21 — Art in the Twenty-First Century, as well as books, internet-based resources, and public programs. What makes Art21 a bold new endeavor is not only the caliber of the artists featured, but the media in which they are presented. The accessibility of television and the Internet makes it possible to reach an extremely large audience.

read more (link)


Full episodes of art:21 on PBS can be viewed here (link)


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

art:21- Bridging worlds

Virtual art in real life and virtual 3D worlds explores the parallel between visceral and mechanical systems.

art:21 blog- Nettrice Gaskins "Participatory Culture & Social Capital in Virtual Art" link


Sunday, April 11, 2010

7 April 2010 Brooklyn is Watching : with Monet Destiny

7. Brooklyn is Watching: with Monet Destiny from Mab MacMoragh on Vimeo.
7 April 2010

Virtual Artwork filmed in Second Life® at Brooklyn is Watching

Featuring ménage à trois by Selavy Oh

Artworks shown by: Banrion Constantine, Betty Tureaud, Oberon Onmura, Selavy Oh, Sowa Mai

Avatar appearances by Allegory Ordinary (bot), Identity Absent (bot), Imaginary Difference (bot), Mab MacMoragh, Monet Destiny, Oberon Onmura, Solo Mornington

Brooklyn is Watching's Jay Newt (Jay Van Buren in Real Life) took part in a podpourri on the theme of 2.0 Digital Love at Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn.

Galapagos Art Space

See previous post

Jay only had a few minutes to present the Second Life® SIM to the Real Life audience steering through the eyeball avatar of Monet Destiny. Afterwards Monet was left with the poetry-bots of Selavy Oh, reciting lines from Charles Baudelaire's volume of French poetry, Les Fleurs du mal. Their recitations were intermingled with an interventionist text-bot by Sowa Mai and Banrion Constantine, from which green lines of prepared chat appeared to come from and to be about locally identified avatars. All this text dialog was interspersed with the improvised natterings of Mab MacMoragh, Oberon Onmura, and Solo Mornington. If Mab had been using the new Second Life® Viewer 2 with its shared media capabilities, the machinima would have shown the chat text generated from these three sources scrolling in real time on the walls inside the white box.

Brooklyn is Watching

Visit Brooklyn is Watching in Second Life®: (SLurl)


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nathaniel Stern: Given Time

Given Time: a permanent, networked installation by Nathaniel Stern from nathaniel stern on Vimeo.

Given Time simultaneously activates and performs two permanently logged-in Second Life avatars, each forever and only seen by and through the other. They hover in mid-air, almost completely still, gazing into one another’s interface. Viewers encounter this networked partnership as a diptych of large-scale and facing video projections in a real world gallery, both exhibiting a live view of one avatar, as perceived by the other. To create a visceral aesthetic, these custom-designed and life-sized "bodies" are hand-drawn in subtly animated charcoal, graphite and pastel. The audience is invited to physically walk between them; they’re able to hear and see them breathing, witness their hair blowing in the wind, pick up faint sounds such as rushing water or birds crying out from the surrounding simulated environment. Here, an intimate exchange between dual, virtual bodies is transformed into a public meditation on human relationships, bodily mortality, and time’s inevitable flow.

nathaniel stern (link)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Field trip: Whitney Biennial 2010 with Mark and James and Paddy

A wander-through in fine company with Mark! His thoughts: (link)

Videos from James Kalm, part 1 of 3

James Kalm, part 2 of 3

James Kalm, part 3 of 3


Paddy Johnson is a must-read in L Magazine:

This year, the stars finally aligned for The Whitney: this biennial is good. Spread over just three floors of the museum—the number of artists this year was reduced from 81 in 2008 to 55—the exhibition succeeds at least in part because it doesn't place impossible demands upon its viewers. (Read more)

Random related goodness: The Bruce High Quality Foundation (link)

Update: John Perreault looks back, looks ahead, looks around, goes on vacation, and comes up with six artworks worth looking at (link)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sowa Mai: Field of Voices

Lovers Lane Studios artist Sowa Mai has been developing an SL/RL project for Aequitas in collaboration with Caerleon. He needs your voice! Or a sound file from you (whistling? humming? musical instrument?)! Be creative! Be a part of the Field of Voices! It's easy! Do it today! Your voice will be heard in the virtual world of Second Life® as well as in 6 countries around the world! Exhibition opens April 2010!

More info here!

Field of Voices (link)


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Field Trip: Duchamp and taste (Discs and perfume)

I consider taste–good or bad–the greatest enemy of art.

-- Marcel Duchamp

Belle Haleine: Eau de Voilette [Beautiful Breath: Veil Water], 1921 (link)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Field trip: Erwin Wurm

The artist as pickled cucumber. This self-portrait, shown in his recent solo-exhibition, says a lot about the artistic strategy of Austrian artist Erwin Wurm. Whether his famous one-minute sculptures, almost immaterial work between sculpture and performance requiring the visitor to follow the artist's detailed instructions, or his deformed cars and bodies: everything's equipped with Wurm's acid sense of humour.
The show is travelling to Bonn, Vienna, Bejing, etc.

Picture: Anger bump, 2007, acrylic, cloth, 156x80x47 cm
Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus München
Foto: Erwin Wurm / © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Friday, February 5, 2010

Brooklyn is Watching blog is down up!

Brooklyn is Watching

The official Brooklyn is Watching blog is undergoing renovation and repairs so it's currently down. It will come back all shiny and new. In the meantime, Jay Newt will be twittering updates on its status here. Big news coming in March!

Jay Newt on Twitter (link)

Update: It's back up!



Brooklyn is Watching: Off Sim by Werner Kurosawa- machinima by Mab

This is Mab's second attempt at Second Life® machinima (her first attempt, Selavy Oh's State of Formation, is still in bits and pieces).

Werner Kurosawa's Off Sim provides a way for Mab and Nebulosus Severine to sit together outside the SIM and contemplate the rotating ephemeral conceptual artscape created by artists on the Brooklyn is Watching SIM at Soup:Push, where anyone can build a temporary installation, art is in constant transformation, and the real art lies in the way the works appear and disappear as the artists collaborate (knowingly or unknowingly) changing the meaning of the immersive space over time much like the game Exquisite Corpse played by the early Surrealist artists.

Familiarities arise and themes emerge, growing and playing off each other as happens in the music used here, a fragment of Bach's Aria from the Goldberg Variations, performed by multimedia enthusiast and artist Glenn Gould in 1981.


Brooklyn is Watching

(Teleport to Brooklyn is Watching at Soup:Push, walk to the platform in front of the big blue watchtower, sit on the seats you'll find there, and voila, you are orbiting the sim at 512 meters outside it! More than one person at a time can go!)


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Save Oz

Adam Ramona, Christo Kayo & Jack Shoreland
Adam Ramona, Christo Kayo & Jack Shoreland's Autoscopia National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, second Online Exhibition: doppelgänger on Portrait Island (Slurl) (link)

quadrapop Lane
quadrapop Lane, Jayjay Zifanwe, & Mab in quadrapop lane's The Future at University of Western Australia in SL® (SLurl) (link)

Glyph Graves
Lovers Lane Studios artist Glyph Graves' Strangers Also Dance IBM2 (link)

Where would the fine arts be in new media without Australians?

Please take a look at Moggs Oceanlane's post on the Australian grassroots anti-censorship campaign and consider helping to spread the word, if you can. Thanks!

Support Aussies in the latest anti-censorship campaign - slow broad band and filtered content is coming… (link) (click the red x to close the blackout overlay page so you can see her blog, the overlay only appears once)

More news at the Australian-based Metaverse Journal (link)

A brilliant machinima by Sophia Yates of the University of Western Australia (UWA)'s presence in Second Life® (link)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Pigs of Today are the Hams of Tomorrow: I know that it's all a state of mind (live in SL)


Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG have been asked by Marina Abramović to take part in her project The Pigs of Today are the Hams of Tomorrow, a live laboratory symposium with durational performance works. They will enact simultaneous Synthetic Performances in person and via their avatars in Second Life® at East of Odyssey (SLurl)


via Helfe Ihnen:

"...Mattes perform 4 days in a row on East of Odyssey and live in Plymouth, GB with their program "I know that it's all a state of mind", a mixture from older and new performances. Jan 21 to 24, 2010." (see poster for schedule -


Plymouth Arts Centre (U.K.):
The Pigs of Today are the Hams of Tomorrow
Live Laboratory Symposium and Performances
The Slaughterhouse, Royal William Yard
21-24 January 2010
(Schedule, brochure and podcast - link)


From the Brochure Introduction, Paula Orrell, Curator, Plymouth Arts Centre:

Plymouth Arts Centre presents The Pigs of Today are the Hams of Tomorrow, a curatorial collaboration with the Marina Abramović Institute for Preservation of Performance Art. The Pigs of Today are the Hams of Tomorrow will stage, document and discuss groundbreaking international performance art in order to examine and sustain the future of the medium. The Pigs of Today are the Hams of Tomorrow takes place over three days at Royal William Yard with performances by six renowned artists and artist-collectives. It is the first in a series of major offsite projects by Plymouth Arts Centre and the first curatorial project of the Marina Abramović Institute for Preservation of Performance Art.

Marina Abramović has, over four decades and on an international scale, pioneered performance as a visual art form. In advance of Marina Abramović’s major retrospective at New York’s Museum of Modern Art in March 2010, these performances, live laboratory symposium, publication and parallel events ask: how can the presence of the performance, vital and transformative in the here and now, be communicated long after the event? How can live art have a legacy for younger generations if it can no longer be experienced? Most of all, it aims to support the growth and influence of one of our most provocative and radical art forms. The Marina Abramović Institute for Preservation of Performance Art can therefore be seen as the culmination of the artist’s growing interest in the legacy and permanency of the medium into the future, as a curator and educator as well as a practitioner. The nascent institute will open in a newly acquired former theatre in Hudson, New York State. For performance art, it marks perhaps the first truly institutional moment.

The Pigs of Today are the Hams of Tomorrow is a translation of the title of a conceptual piece of writing by Georg Jappe published by KunstForum International in 1978 on the contemporary state of art practice in relation to global political agendas. In the article Jappe reflects on why the rise of capitalism in the West and of communism in the East might have created organisations in Germany such as the Baader Meinhof group and subsequently the Red Army Faction. The perceived repetition of historical mistakes by the state, which motivated the actions of many European Terrorist organizations, is, in Abramović's view, reflected in the current uncritical nature of much of today’s art practice. For Abramović radical thinking and action in the world of performance art are needed to avoid repetitions of the past, and make art relevant to today’s social and political realities.

For The Pigs of Today are the Hams of Tomorrow Abramović is dedicated to an inventive curatorial approach, addressing the key shifts in live art with performances by six renowned artists and artist-collectives. These international artists illustrate the diversity of contemporary performance art. They demonstrate a range of techniques that are key to the medium, including long-durational work, story-telling, virtual worlds, audience participation, sound, the use of the body and hardcore performance predicated on endurance...

Eva and Franco Mattes (a.k.a. www.0100101110101101.org) are pioneers in the Internet-based net.art movement. For the exhibition, the artists stage what they term Synthetic Performances in the virtual world of Second Life. Second Life is an online platform where participants create a parallel reality, with each user represented by an avatar, a digital figure that they can customise and control. Through their avatars, the Italian-born artists will ‘remix’ and freely reinterpret famous works from the performance-art canon, including Yves Klein’s Leap into the Void (1960).

Marina Abramović and Ulay's Imponderabilia 1977 | Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG Reenactment 2007

In a selected space Naked we stand opposite each other in the museum entrance. The public entering the museum has to turn sideways to move through the limited space between us. Everyone wanting to get past has to choose one of us.

-- Marina Abramović, on Imponderabilia (more)

Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG Reenactment of Marina Abramović and Ulay's Imponderabilia 2007

Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG (link)

Marina Abramović Institute (link)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Opening at Magoo: "There's no bible in here?" Tues. 12 January 2009 2PM SLT

Penumbra Carter & Dekka Raymaker on Magoo

Penumbra Carter and Dekka Raymaker

SLurl (exhibition has ended)

This is a freeform art build. When we were given the homestead at Magoo to produce a piece for it we had no preconceived ideas for it, so we tackled it in a manner that we constructed our Burning Life 2009 collaboration, throw a plywood cube prim down and see where it took us. The resulting madness is what you see.

As the build developed, we wanted to include some avatar interaction, and we wanted the work to come alive around the spectator. We hope that in some way we have achieved that. The build encompasses sound, light and movement. The build is foremost about fun, nothing heavy, no deep meanings, just subconscious energy driving us to complete the build in the first 3 weeks of December (we actually extended into the first week of January too, taking a 8 day break over Christmas week).

While discussing where the build was going we often used words like 'mad', 'scribble', 'no idea', 'sketchbook' and 'wtf are we doing'. There is a visual remark about an upcoming Linden Lab policy to charge L$99 per month for listing 'freebies' on it's Xstreet marketplace (Joke: "when is a freebie not a freebie?" … "when it costs L$99") there seems to be religious overtones too, but there is no bible in here.

Dekka Raymaker