Sunday, May 16, 2010

Recycling Art

What you see here is a tote bag, which previously was part of an artwork.

Previously, that is a couple of weeks ago in NYC, Amy Wilson showed a large-scale public art installation made of digital prints on vinyl at the construction site of the West Thames Park project. The original watercolor drawings can now be seen at BravinLee programs in the exhibition It takes time to turn a space around...

But now comes the twist: instead of simply stowing away the vinyls, Amy decided to use them for a new purpose: to turn them into a limited edition of carefully hand-crafted tote bags!

That means: what you see here is not just a tote bag that was previously an artwork. Much better, it is an artwork on its own made of recycled vinyl, part of a limited edition, printed but hand-crafted, a multiple but unique.

And the best: you can get one at Amy's shop!

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