Sunday, April 11, 2010

7 April 2010 Brooklyn is Watching : with Monet Destiny

7. Brooklyn is Watching: with Monet Destiny from Mab MacMoragh on Vimeo.
7 April 2010

Virtual Artwork filmed in Second Life® at Brooklyn is Watching

Featuring ménage à trois by Selavy Oh

Artworks shown by: Banrion Constantine, Betty Tureaud, Oberon Onmura, Selavy Oh, Sowa Mai

Avatar appearances by Allegory Ordinary (bot), Identity Absent (bot), Imaginary Difference (bot), Mab MacMoragh, Monet Destiny, Oberon Onmura, Solo Mornington

Brooklyn is Watching's Jay Newt (Jay Van Buren in Real Life) took part in a podpourri on the theme of 2.0 Digital Love at Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn.

Galapagos Art Space

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Jay only had a few minutes to present the Second Life® SIM to the Real Life audience steering through the eyeball avatar of Monet Destiny. Afterwards Monet was left with the poetry-bots of Selavy Oh, reciting lines from Charles Baudelaire's volume of French poetry, Les Fleurs du mal. Their recitations were intermingled with an interventionist text-bot by Sowa Mai and Banrion Constantine, from which green lines of prepared chat appeared to come from and to be about locally identified avatars. All this text dialog was interspersed with the improvised natterings of Mab MacMoragh, Oberon Onmura, and Solo Mornington. If Mab had been using the new Second Life® Viewer 2 with its shared media capabilities, the machinima would have shown the chat text generated from these three sources scrolling in real time on the walls inside the white box.

Brooklyn is Watching

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