Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Portrait Island: doppelgänger/ Art and Connectivity Panel Forum

17 April 2010 doppelgänger Virtual Artwork filmed by Mab MacMoragh in Second Life® on Portrait Island

This video is an abbreviated look at doppelgänger, the virtual exhibition held by the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, on Portrait Island in Second Life® from 23 October 2009 to 23 April 2010. There are lots of texts in it that go by quickly, so the viewer is urged to pause the video as needed to read the various signs, notecards, web pages, and words incorporated into the artwork.

Cao Fei (China Tracy)- iMirror, 2007 (China) (See iMirror in its entirety part 1 part 2 part 3
Patrick Lichty (Man Michinaga)- CodePortraits, 2009 (USA) (See all 12 keepsake videos)
Gazira Babeli- iGods, 2009 (Italy) (see National Portrait Gallery's iGods video)
Adam Nash (Adam Ramona), Christopher Dodds (Christo Kayo), Justin Clemens (Jack Shoreland)- Autoscopia, 2009 (Australia) (See National Portrait Gallery's Autoscopia video)
Andrew Burrell (Nonnatus Korhonen)- temporary self portrait in preparation for the singularity, 2009 (Australia) (See National Portrait Gallery's temporary self portrait video)

National Portrait Gallery:
Online manager- Gill Raymond (Portrait Watanabe)
Senior Curator- Michael Desmond (Portrait John)
Architect/SIM Designer- Greg More (Dynamo Zanetti)

Podcasts of Gillian Raymond discussing this exhibition with Greg More, Patrick Lichty, Andrew Burrell, and the trio of Adam Nash, Christopher Dodds, and Justin Clemons can be listened to on iTunes

~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

Art and Connectivity: Cyberforum
In association with the doppelgänger exhibition, the National Portrait Gallery hosted a panel forum on 23 March to discuss notions of identity in the digital realm, the possibilities of art in a connected world and the role cultural institutions may play in this environment.

The guest speakers for the discussion were:
Christiane Paul, Director of the Media Studies Graduate Programs and Associate Professor of Media Studies at The New School, New York.
Melinda Rackham, Adjunct Professor at RMIT University and Emerging Artforms Curator at Subtle Net, Melbourne, Australia.
Michael Desmond, Senior Curator, National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, Australia.
Andrew Burrell SL: Nonnatus Korhonen
Patrick Lichty SL: Man Michinaga

The one hour streaming video of this event can be viewed in its entirety on the National Portrait Gallery website (link). Mab transcribed the talk, abridging and adjusting it a bit for reading as text.

Read the transcript after the jump.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

'Entropy' by Glyph Graves

17 April 2010

Sorry I don't have a SLurl to this yet, but I think it's part of the 'Through the Virtual Looking Glass' exhibition. You can read about that and see a longer video made by Nettrice Gaskins of this installation (link)

Update: Apparently, although Nettrice says the installation is for 'Through the Virtual Looking Glass', it's actually a part of Bryn Oh's project for the World Expo Shanghai 2010 'Open This End'


The SLurl is:


My apologies for the confusion!

Music: loop sourced from 'Where Bluebirds Fly' by Radiohead (link)

Dreams and Virtual Ability Inc: Opening Doors to New Worlds

2010 Autism Experience 3

2010 Autism Experience 3, "Opening Doors to New Worlds"
Music Events and Art Auction benefitting Virtual Abilities Inc and the Dreams SIMs




Location: Fashionista Island, Ampitheatre


Donations from over 35 amazing SL artists
All proceeds to VAI and Dreams!

Celebration concerts:

3PM SLT .. Cylindrian Rutabaga
4PM SLT Somerset Oh & Rhode

Fashionista Auction site: (SLurl)


(1) CONCERT - Friday April 23, 5, 6 and 7AM SLT

Location: The Colour Factory
Benefit concert musicians:

5AM SLT - Dominick Manatiso
6AM SLT - Somerset Oh & Rhode aka SOAR
7AM SLT - Jon Bazar

Donation jars for VAI and Dreams near the stage during this concert event :)
Special opal jewelery by RebelMum Slade available during the event all proceeds to VAI and Dreams

Norwegian Forest (SLurl)


(2) ART PREVIEW - Friday - Sunday Morning

Location: Fashionista Island, Moslp and Ampitheatre

A preview of the art donated to the Autism Experience 3 auction - for your viewing pleasure -

Please note which pieces you may wish to bid on at Sunday's auction. A notecard to supplement this event card, noting the donating artists will be available at the preview; more details to come!

Museum of SL Photography (SLurl)



(tip jars for VAI and Dreams available for donations thru out the concerts)

LOCATION: The Gerswhin Room

Venue owners Benethar Fluffball and Bundy Zue have planned a concert in remembrance of ANZAC day. Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand, and is commemorated by both countries on 25 April every year to honour members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought at Gallipoli in Turkey during World War I.

They have graciously allowed the Autism Experience 3 to be a part of this event - donation jars available throughout the concerts

1:00AM SLT - OhMy Kidd
2:00AM SLT - Rara Destiny
3:00AM SLT - The Lohners
4:00AM SLT - Tpenta Vanalten
5:00AM SLT - Soar

B&B's Music Park (SLurl)

With many thanks to the artists and musicians and each of you who support compassion, understanding, information and acceptance and the work of VAI and Dreams.

With most sincere thanks,
Mariposa Upshaw, Curator


Monday, April 19, 2010

art:21- Call + Response: Collaborative Art in Virtual 3D Worlds

Brooklyn is Watching/Lovers Lane Studios and SLon des Refuses artists Misprint Thursday, Sowa Mai, Oberon Onmura, Cinco Pizzicato, Solo Mornington, Selavy Oh, and Azdel Slade (among other great SL® virtual artists) are featured by Nettrice Gaskins on today's art:21 blog. It's the third piece in two weeks to focus on virtual art!

Art production in virtual 3D worlds brings together people with different knowledge and skills.

Read more (link)


Friday, April 16, 2010

First Podcast: Newark is Watching - Getting to Know You

NIW getting put together: photo via Brooklyn is Watching on Flickr (link)

The inaugural Newark is Watching podcast from Gallery Aferro is here (link)

And now for something completely different*

*with apologies to Monty Python


New Terms of Service? What do they mean to artists? Does anyone really know? No. Does anyone have a clue? Yes.

The new Second Life TOS (Terms of Service), to be effective 30 April 2010, were discussed at length by Robert Bloomfield and Joshua Fairfield (legal expert and virtual world analyst) on the 100th episode of Metanomics (14 April 2010). If you have any creative investment and future plans at all in Second Life®, it's well worth the time it takes to listen to them talk on the archived stream (about an hour). Snapshots and machinima are addressed roughly 1/3 of the way through (about 17:00 into the video) and on page 5 of the transcript.

Watch video: link

View transcript: link

Roland Legrand succinctly summarizes the show on MixedRealities: link

"The internet is not a typewriter and you will be a licensee rather than an owner."

Arahan Claveau has posted the new TOS in its entirety here: link

The Official Second Life® Blog does not seem to address the new TOS, but it can be found on their corporate page here, along with links to other policies and guidelines: link

Update: Mab couldn't find it but Ina Centaur has provided the location where M Linden summarizes the new TOS in the Community Blog, with links to the FAQ and the Discussion Thread (warning- it's like a sausage factory): link


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

art:21-code as concept and responsive art

Second guest blog-post by Nettrice Gaskins on virtual art this week on the fantastic art:21 blog! Viva!

Selavy Oh and Glyph Graves, both part of the Brooklyn is Watching 30 Best and Final Five last year (and both Lovers Lane Studios artists), are prominently featured in today's blog post by Nettrice Gaskins, along with Brooklyn is Watching SLon des Refuses (and Lovers Lane Studios artists) Sowa Mai and Banrion Constantine.

Second Life® virtual medium artists Wizard Gynoid, Opensource Obscure, AM Radio, and theorist Georg Janick (Gary Zabel) are also mentioned.

Using scripts, artists can transform objects into virtual robots inhabited by software agents that work behind the scenes while human-driven avatars interact or become immersed in the art.

art:21 blog- Nettrice Gaskins "Responsive Art & Evolving Artificiality in Virtual Worlds"

read more (link)


About Art21:

Art21 was founded in 1997 with the mission to increase knowledge of contemporary art, ignite discussion, and inspire creative thinking by using diverse media to present contemporary artists at work and in their own words.

Art21 produces the Peabody-winning PBS series Art:21 — Art in the Twenty-First Century, as well as books, internet-based resources, and public programs. What makes Art21 a bold new endeavor is not only the caliber of the artists featured, but the media in which they are presented. The accessibility of television and the Internet makes it possible to reach an extremely large audience.

read more (link)


Full episodes of art:21 on PBS can be viewed here (link)


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

art:21- Bridging worlds

Virtual art in real life and virtual 3D worlds explores the parallel between visceral and mechanical systems.

art:21 blog- Nettrice Gaskins "Participatory Culture & Social Capital in Virtual Art" link


Sunday, April 11, 2010

7 April 2010 Brooklyn is Watching : with Monet Destiny

7. Brooklyn is Watching: with Monet Destiny from Mab MacMoragh on Vimeo.
7 April 2010

Virtual Artwork filmed in Second Life® at Brooklyn is Watching

Featuring ménage à trois by Selavy Oh

Artworks shown by: Banrion Constantine, Betty Tureaud, Oberon Onmura, Selavy Oh, Sowa Mai

Avatar appearances by Allegory Ordinary (bot), Identity Absent (bot), Imaginary Difference (bot), Mab MacMoragh, Monet Destiny, Oberon Onmura, Solo Mornington

Brooklyn is Watching's Jay Newt (Jay Van Buren in Real Life) took part in a podpourri on the theme of 2.0 Digital Love at Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn.

Galapagos Art Space

See previous post

Jay only had a few minutes to present the Second Life® SIM to the Real Life audience steering through the eyeball avatar of Monet Destiny. Afterwards Monet was left with the poetry-bots of Selavy Oh, reciting lines from Charles Baudelaire's volume of French poetry, Les Fleurs du mal. Their recitations were intermingled with an interventionist text-bot by Sowa Mai and Banrion Constantine, from which green lines of prepared chat appeared to come from and to be about locally identified avatars. All this text dialog was interspersed with the improvised natterings of Mab MacMoragh, Oberon Onmura, and Solo Mornington. If Mab had been using the new Second Life® Viewer 2 with its shared media capabilities, the machinima would have shown the chat text generated from these three sources scrolling in real time on the walls inside the white box.

Brooklyn is Watching

Visit Brooklyn is Watching in Second Life®: (SLurl)