Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bill Viola: The Night Journey

The Night Journey by Bill Viola, USC Game Innovation Lab (link)

Video artist Bill Viola is developing an experimental video game with USC Game Innovation Lab. The project has been in the works since 2005 and will be completed sometime this year. It's unknown whether the immersive artwork will be made available for home use, or will only be experienced in art settings and churches (link) (link).


Ocean Without a Shore, 2007
3-channel High Definition Video/Sound Installation
Production stills
Photo: Kira Perov

Bill Viola's An Ocean Without a Shore Church of San Gallo, Venice 2007 Venice Biennale (more info)


The Fall into Paradise, 2005
Video/sound installation
Screen size: 10.5 ft. X 14 ft. (320 cm x 427 cm)
9 minutes and 58 seconds
Photo: Kira Perov

All works of art, though visible, represent invisible things.

-- Bill Viola

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The new Amy Freelunch show 2: Originality in SL Art

Betty Tureaud's Mountain of Colouers
Betty Tureaud's Mountain of Colouers
Betty Tureaud's Mountain of Colouers

As Arahan notes in his comment under the previous post, there's a new podcast from Amy! This time she discusses works by Betty Tureaud and Oberon Onmura both onsite and offsite Brooklyn is Watching.

The new Amy Freelunch show, episode 2: Originality in SL Art (direct link for download)

The new Amy Freelunch show, ep 2 by Amy Freelunch

Both of Amy's new episodes are currently playing in rotation on Soup Radio which can be heard 24/7 on the Soup sims (Push, Eryri and Magoo). This month Amy's shows come round about every three hours starting at 1PM SLT most days (when the radio is reset).

'Transition Zone' by Oberon Onmura from Mab MacMoragh on Vimeo.
15 May 2010

Virtual Art Filmed in Second Life® at Two Fish Sim
Hosted by Rose Borchovski
Appearances by Jo Ellsmere, Mab MacMoragh, and Pixel Reanimator
Music: Threnos by John Tavener
Performed by Natalie Clein

Visit Brooklyn is Watching in Second Life® (SLurl)


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Recycling Art

What you see here is a tote bag, which previously was part of an artwork.

Previously, that is a couple of weeks ago in NYC, Amy Wilson showed a large-scale public art installation made of digital prints on vinyl at the construction site of the West Thames Park project. The original watercolor drawings can now be seen at BravinLee programs in the exhibition It takes time to turn a space around...

But now comes the twist: instead of simply stowing away the vinyls, Amy decided to use them for a new purpose: to turn them into a limited edition of carefully hand-crafted tote bags!

That means: what you see here is not just a tote bag that was previously an artwork. Much better, it is an artwork on its own made of recycled vinyl, part of a limited edition, printed but hand-crafted, a multiple but unique.

And the best: you can get one at Amy's shop!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The new Amy Freelunch show!

Amy Freelunch
Amy Freelunch at There's no bible in here? by Dekka Raymaker & Penumbra Carter, Soup Magoo

Amy's back with her radio show! She skates through Brooklyn/Newark is Watching to think about Penumbra Carter's Lighthouse and Rod Mandel's Koons appropriation in between feeding her dog treats and playing music.

Listen daily streamed through Soup Radio on the Soup sims inworld at 1PM SLT (and in rotation the rest of the day) or in your media player (link)


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Soup: Last Weekend for 'There's no bible in here?'

Dekka Raymaker & Penumbra Carter
Dekka Raymaker & Penumbra Carter's There's no bible in here?

Fair Warning! This is the last weekend to see this fantastic sim-wide exhibition. By Tuesday it will have vanished. Mab is working on a machinima to document the installation so that will be another chance to see a wee version of it later on this blog. But nothing can take the place of experiencing it for yourself! Go now before it's too late! Best seen at sunset or midnight. Sounds are an integral part of the artwork, and should be turned on and up. How to describe it? That's a hard question but it's sort of like an organic industrial fifties-feeling modern working factory simscape driven by an efficient steampunk system, a littered church, freebies that cost $L, mythological ornithology, denizens of the deep, and sublimated eros.

Oh, and also it's like this.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Field Trip: Marina Abramović's The Artist is Present


Watch Marina Abramović's durational performance at MoMA on live video (must refresh and reclick page when stream times out) link

via Art Fag City link

Also: Ten Notes on Marina Abramović’s ‘The Artist is Present’ by Dan Fox (Frieze Magazine) link