Friday, February 5, 2010

Brooklyn is Watching: Off Sim by Werner Kurosawa- machinima by Mab

This is Mab's second attempt at Second Life® machinima (her first attempt, Selavy Oh's State of Formation, is still in bits and pieces).

Werner Kurosawa's Off Sim provides a way for Mab and Nebulosus Severine to sit together outside the SIM and contemplate the rotating ephemeral conceptual artscape created by artists on the Brooklyn is Watching SIM at Soup:Push, where anyone can build a temporary installation, art is in constant transformation, and the real art lies in the way the works appear and disappear as the artists collaborate (knowingly or unknowingly) changing the meaning of the immersive space over time much like the game Exquisite Corpse played by the early Surrealist artists.

Familiarities arise and themes emerge, growing and playing off each other as happens in the music used here, a fragment of Bach's Aria from the Goldberg Variations, performed by multimedia enthusiast and artist Glenn Gould in 1981.

Brooklyn is Watching

(Teleport to Brooklyn is Watching at Soup:Push, walk to the platform in front of the big blue watchtower, sit on the seats you'll find there, and voila, you are orbiting the sim at 512 meters outside it! More than one person at a time can go!)


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  1. That came out great, Mab -- this is the first I've seen of the full-length machinima. Thanks for sharing, I'm glad you're having fun filming in SL and I hope you do more! Was nice to see you in-world, too. :)