Monday, August 31, 2009

Field Trip: In Brief

Even more important to Duchamp, I believe, is the ambiguity of his presence, due to the fact he is neither entering nor exiting the room, but, in Foucault's words, "coming in and going out at the same time, like a pendulum caught at the bottom of its swing."

-- Bradley Bailey, from "Once More to this Staircase: Another Look at Encore à cet Astre"

More at kostis velonis (link)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Field Trip: Warhol TV

La Maison Rouge (Paris) (link)

Via Walker Art Center (link)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

SLon: Closing Gala DJ set by Arahan Claveau

SLon des Refusés Closing Gala (2009) by SteveMillar

Listen and dance . . .

Set List (link)

Pink Narcissus (a blog by Arahan Claveau) (link)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

SLon: selected works reviewed on Brooklyn is Watching

Review of several works in SLon des Refuses 2009

L1Aura Loire and Sage Duncan were kind enough to review works by four Yip, Robin Moore, Man Michinaga and Azdel Slade currently being shown in SLon des Refuses (Magoo) on Brooklyn is Watching (more)

Brooklyn is Watching blog (link)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

SLon: Closing Gala Invitation

You are cordially invited to attend the Closing Gala of the First Annual Best of Brooklyn is Watching Year One Festival Beyond Casual SLon des Refuses of 2009, exhibiting from 6 August 2009 to Sunday 30 August 2009 (please note extended closing date).

WHEN: tomorrow, Sunday, 23 August 2009


WHERE: Soup sims

Party on Eryri (SLurl)

Art Exhibition on Magoo (SLurl)

DJ: Arahan Claveau

No funds or tips will be requested. If you wish to show appreciation you are asked to visit A Better World Island and donate to one of the various worthy causes there. (SLurl)

More information:

Brooklyn is Watching



SLon Des Refuses

Curators: MonCherrie Afterthought, Dekka Raymaker, Arahan Claveau, Mab MacMoragh

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Field Trip: Marcel Duchamp:The Art of Chess

Will Shutes in Frieze Magazine:
To use Naumann’s terms, Duchamp’s opening move was to develop – as with chess – an intellectual system of symbols and imagined mechanical movements between figures in his practice. This ambition was most fully realized in The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even (The Large Glass) (1915–23), which Bailey takes as a focus in order to illustrate the thematic and iconographic correlation between the aesthetics and concepts of Duchamp’s artistic production and his identity as a chess player. Proposing that chess is a critical and largely unrecognized thematic element in The Large Glass, Bailey finds within the work a disguised self-portrait.

. . . As Duchamp said, ‘The transformation of the visual aspect to the grey matter is what always happens in chess and what should happen in art.’

Read more (link)

The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even (The Large Glass) (link)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

SLon: sine qua non

SLon des Refuses

The Artists

SLon des Refuses

Logo by MonCherrie Afterthought

SLon des Refuses

Cake by Nebulosus Severine

(to be continued)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Final Five: Selavy Oh's The Final Show

To see this slideshow full-screen click here (link)

The Final Five artists in the Best of Brooklyn is Watching Year 1 Festival created new work using virtual copies of the original Jack the Pelican Presents gallery built by Dekka Raymaker. Finalist Selavy Oh chose to riff on the gallery itself much as a twenty-first century music composer might. The space was treated as theme and multiplied, with variation and the element of chance brought in to play by inviting friends to show new works of their own. Visitors shape their experience by exploring and interacting with the labyrinthine virtual galleries that disappear and reappear, some empty, some full, thereby becoming a part of and completing the art. The only way to fully experience Selavy Oh's The Final Show is to actively engage with it.

The Final Show machinima by Penumbra Carter

From the notecard by Selavy Oh:

In a virtual world, the notion of space has a different meaning. While a real gallery is limited by the size of the available space, a virtual gallery is limited by the number objects that can be shown.

A virtual gallery is not just a single space, but can be many parallel spaces. The gallery spaces can be exchanged, concatenated, they can be modified, they are only context but not requirement.

You may walk into the virtual gallery and see one exhibition, you turn around, and walk into the same gallery again to see something completely different.

Consequently, this exhibition features work by several of the artists whose work was chosen to be among the 30 best artworks of year 1 of Brooklyn Is Watching, but were not selected by the judges for the Final Five.

The Location

East of Odyssey (slurl)

The Artists:

Arahan Claveau– "Adrift"
Dekka Raymaker– "Artbortion"
comet Morigi– "*~comet Morigi Bio 090804"
Oberon Onmura– "Fight for Order"
Misprint Thursday– "Suspended Hang-Ups"

Curation and Space:

Selavy Oh

Update: Read MonCherrie Afterthought's parsing of Selavy's overtones and pitch on the Brooklyn is Watching blog (link)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SLon: Teleport SLurls to individual artists

Find more photos like this on Watashi Wa Iru

Slideshow by Arahan Claveau (link)

1. Ally Aeon Recur (slurl)

2. Arm Strom "Under water" (Footprints, ice, wasp and "fur objects") (slurl)

3. Azdel Slade Becoming Dragon (slurl)

4. Banrion Constantine Climbing Up (slurl)

5. Betty Tureaud Pot of Gold (slurl)

6. Butterflysmasher Dana Various Works (slurl)

7. Cheen Pitney Crossfire (slurl)

8. Cinco Pizzicato Macys Day Mishap (slurl)

9. Corcosman Voom Self Portrait in Red (slurl)

10. Dekka Raymaker Equilibrium Disturbed II Look What I Made (slurl)

11. elros Tuominen teardrops in the rain (slurl)

12. Ford Heberle Sycophant/Parvenu (slurl)

13. four Yip Magritte Therapist - Take a Seat (slurl)

14. Hollow Prim henry (slurl)

15. Jay Newt avatar as art (slurl)

16. Klink Epsilon Vermilion: Betrayal, Anger and Sorrow (slurl)

17. Man Michinaga 8 bits or less zoetrope (slurl)

18. Monet Destiny Object (slurl)

19. nessuno Myoo Dolce Attesa (Sweet Pending) (slurl)

20. Penumbra Carter Submission (slurl)

21. Robin Moore Tree Box All at ONCE, The girl on the sWING, "A tribute to my music teacher" (slurl)

22. Scotsgraymouser Janus Fortress of Solitude for Lynn2 (slurl)

23. Shellina Winkler second star to the right, big bang2, luminescence (slurl)

24. Shirley Marquez Shut Up and Let Me Go! (slurl)

25. Socks Clawtooth Egobox (slurl)

26. soror Nishi The Moonlight Tree (slurl)

27. Sowa Mai Ghost Story (slurl)

28. Strawberry Holiday Bog Tree (slurl)

29. Sunn Thunders Boundary Conditions (slurl)

30. Tsui Yamabushi Brooklyn is Wanking (slurl)

31. Tuna Oddfellow Odd Ball (slurl)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Field Trip: In Brief

Modern Art Notes: Tyler Green on Gerhard Richter's Uncle Rudi (link)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

SLon: Tuna Oddfellow's Odd Ball Performance today


Tuna Oddfellow's not only performing SLon des Refuses' Opening Reception tomorrow (Monday) at the Odd Ball, he's also devoting today's Odd Ball to SLon as well! So if you can't make it to one, come to the other!

Sunday (today) 9 August 11AM SLT

Monday (tomorrow) 10 August 7PM SLT

The events will be at the Odd Ball (slurl)

More Tuna Oddfellow can be found here:

Oddfellow Studios (link)

The Odd Ball at SLCC (Second Life Community Convention) Friday 14 August 8PM to Midnight PT (link)


? SLon des Refuses? What's that? Look here (link)

SLon des Refuses on Magoo (slurl)

POL Arida and The O R I G I N A L S are back

POL Arida Screaming Song for a Retard

From the Youtube page:
The treatment of mentally disabled people in the UK by Social Services, Police, Judiciary and the Media. As with most of his songs, the key is to interpret the words. A piece of video art to explode the mind and expand our understanding of the mentally disabled. For his son.

Get the words to this song and more at (link).

POL will perform live today (Sunday 9 August) with the O R I G I N A L S, a group of Second Life® musicians who play original music live as a traveling group, in their own short sets, in various venues.


This month the O R IG I N A L S are Cylindrian Rutabaga, Avvy Barzane, Grace McDunnough, Mulder Watts, POL Arida, Dann Numbers, Pilgrim75 Swashbuckler, Blindboy Gumbo, Spence Wilder and Slim Warrior.

More info at Role Magazine (link)

The O R I G I N A L S can be found on MySpace (link) The schedule for today can be found there as well. POL will perform at 12:00 SLT.

Today's venue is Menorca (slurl)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

SLon: DJ Party Update- SLon artists shown in RL Gallery- Some Background

Sowa Mai's Ghost Story is currently displayed in SLon des Refuses on Magoo, Dekka Raymaker and Mab stand at the end

Soup blog will temporarily be taken over by SLon des Refuses virtual world events and documentation. The usual sporadic but enthusiastic Soup postings will continue after SLon is over or as time allows. Mab sometimes tweets (link), if you would like to follow along, but only in the most irregular way as she has the attention span of a cat.

This is the (corrected) notecard that was sent out this morning to the Slon group in Second Life®:

Thursday 6 August 2009

Hi SLon Artists,

We're experiencing technical mire so the DJ party-on-the-grass with Arthole's Arahan Claveau (link) for Thursday's (today's) opening is postponed. We hope to get things straightened out and have it on closing day instead, which is Sunday 23 August. We're disappointed but such is life. We will keep you updated.

Update: Shirley Marquez will be DJ! Look for her on the green grass and enjoy the picnic! Arahan will be closing for us!

SLon Central on Magoo SIM (slurl)

The 2009 Unofficial Brooklyn is Watching Year 1 International SLon des Refuses (that's YOU!) will open in a relaxed and beyond casual way at 1PM SLT 6 August. The exhibition will occasionally be viewed live on a RL (Real Life) 52 inch mega-monitor screen by RL gallery visitors in the front space of the highly regarded RL Jack the Pelican Presents art gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, along with the SL 30 Best show hosted by the Department of Visual Art at the University of Kansas SIM ( KU ART to the South). To the North of 30 Best is the Impermanence SIM, also hosted by KU ART, where the new incarnation of Brooklyn is Watching now makes its home. So come to Magoo or KU and show off your avatar-as-artwork! Brooklyn will be Watching!

30 Best show on KU (slurl)

Brooklyn is Watching Now on Impermanence (slurl)

The RL Jack the Pelican Presents Gallery (link)

As you can see YOU are mentioned thusly (from the Jack the Pelican Presents website):

"Is virtual art for real? What is the nature of the medium? How do you talk about it? What are its conceptual and social-critical opportunities and limits? These are just some of the questions that Brooklyn Is Watching has been actively asking for the last year and a half.

Inside the gallery are five monitors, each featuring a virtual copy of the real space occupied by a different virtual artwork. These are "THE FINAL FIVE," created for this context by the nominated and elected best from hundreds of virtual artists who have exhibited in year 1 of Brooklyn is Watching.

This is an "official" show of virtual art. So much is at stake, it has already spawned a
Salon de Refusés of over thirty virtual artists who didn't make the final cut."

The Final Five exhibition is being prepared inworld on East of Odyssey SIM. The opening is on Friday 7 August 4-6 PM SLT. The Final Five Artists are Bryn Oh, DanCoyote Antonelli, Glyph Graves, Nebulosus Severine, and Selavy Oh. They have each been given a replica of the RL Jack the Pelican Presents art gallery, recreated virtually by our own talented Dekka Raymaker, for their use in making new artwork for the Final Five show.

Final Five on East of Odyssey (slurl)

If you're nearby Jack the Pelican Presents in RL, join in the RL festivities and happenings which will occur simultaneously (they include commissioned work by Juria Yoshikawa, Oberon Onmura, and Jeff Ertz). Say hello to Jay Van Buren (Jay Newt inworld) and kiss Kristen Galvin (our very own beloved hardworking MonCherrie Afterthought)! Or vice versa.....

Read the Brooklyn is Watching blog for updates to the 30 Best and Final Five shows, as well as coverage of the panel discussion on virtual artists by Pavig Lok, Lori Landay, and Stacey Fox; and keynote speaker Jerry Paffendorf (Destroy Television).

Brooklyn is Watching blog (link)

Read more about these exciting RL events in this press release (link)

Although all the Slon Artists on Magoo are winners by virtue of being requested to be in the SLon in the first place, there are further rankings to be determined in the Official Brooklyn is Watching Year 1 Festival, including the awarding of the People's Choice and the Golden Eyeball. The People's Choice will be made by online poll and the Golden Eyeball will be presented to one of the Final Five on the basis of votes made by RL visitors to the RL Jack the Pelican Presents gallery, not all of whom will be familiar with SL art or its intrinsic nature. The Final Five works will be shown for this purpose over the term of the exhibit on their own wall-mounted monitors in machinima form (link) by filmmaker (and SLon muse) Penumbra Carter.

Details on People's Choice and Golden Eyeball (link)

For those of you not familiar with Brooklyn is Watching even though your artwork was nominated to be in the 30 Best of Brooklyn is Watching Year 1 (hey, it can happen!), here is a concise description by Juan Rubio from the press release:

"Brooklyn is Watching, conceived of by Jay Van Buren, executed as a collaboration with Boris Kizelshteyn and the Popcha! development team in February 2008, is a breakthrough relational art project that invites interaction between the two thriving art communities of Second Life and Williamsburg, Brooklyn accentuating the power relations between and among them. It consists of a series of inter-related spaces for artists, audiences, and participants. The primary spaces are a square parcel of land (sim) in Second Life where artists are invited to leave their work for one week (when it is automatically returned), and an alcove in the Williamsburg art gallery–Jack the Pelican Presents where the sim can be viewed on a large monitor and entered via an avatar."

Brooklyn is Watching will also make a machinima appearance at SLCC in San Francisco, 15 August, in the Grand Ballroom (link)


Monday, August 3, 2009

SLon des Refusés 2009


Crossposted from Brooklyn is Watching via MonCherrie Afterthought:

The beyond casual unofficial committee, of the first annual (Best of Brooklyn is Watching Year 1) SLon des Refusés, is pleased to make this very official exhibition announcement!

(This is where I imagine the horns blowing and red carpets rolling.)

With works by: Ally Aeon, Hollow Prim, Socks Clawtooth, Banrion Constantine, Klink Epsilon, Strawberry Holiday, Man Michinaga, Sowa Mai, Shirley Marquez, Robin Moore, nessuno Myoo, soror Nishi, Tuna Oddfellow, Cinco Pizzicato, Azdel Slade and Elle Mehrmand, Arm Strom, Sunn Thunders, elros Tuominen, Betty Tureaud, Corcosman Voom, Shellina Winkler, Tsui Yamabushi, four Yip, and others!

Location: Magoo
Exhibition Dates: Aug 6-Aug 23, 2009
Opening Reception: Monday, Aug 10, 7PM SLT, with a special performance by Tuna Oddfellow
Closing Reception: Special performances and festivities are currently being arranged. Check the Brooklyn is Watching blog for all SLon event updates!
Additional Performance: Tuna Oddfellow, Sunday Aug 9, 11AM SLT

About: Well there is a rich history of Salon des Refusés, most notably the Salon des Refusés of 1863, so why not in SL? It only seemed fitting to create a platform for twenty-first century brilliant rejects, care of the Brooklyn is Watching Year 1 30 Best jury and voting process.

The SLon des Refusés 2009 is at its heart a celebration of the artistic breeding ground that is Brooklyn is Watching. It is a nod to all of the hybrid SL/RL art that Brooklyn is Watching has showcased and inspired and contained and contended with over its first year; as ephemeral digital artworks left on the sim to be looked at and pondered and combined and chewed up, and as a group conceptual installation of an evolving artistic body of work in its entirety, including more than a year’s worth of ongoing dialogue and documentation. And beholding.

Finally, it is a love letter to Jay Van Buren who has the vision to encourage a real-life community of artists and muses against daunting odds, working hard to give them the gift of freedom to explore the potentials of digital art and at the same time to do what they find beautiful.