Sunday, July 11, 2010

Field Trip: Kit Webster

ENIGMATICA by Kit Webster (link)

Kit Webster's ENIGMATICA II installation is part of the Illusion/Illusion group exhibition at McClelland Gallery, Victoria, Australia 11 July - 19 September 2010

In his video environment he projects syncopated patterns of coloured lines and shapes which form and dissolve over geometric forms, at times reinforcing the three dimensionality of the objects before running counter to the geometry and destroying our spatial readings. His video projection installation is an intricately composed synesthetic environment which plays with the coupling of light, sound and space. (more) -- McClelland Gallery

DATAFLUX by Kit Webster (link)

The installation merges mechanics, video object mapping, intelligent lighting and sonic triggers into one choreographed sequence . . . (more)

I'm also thinking about implementing camera tracking or some other form of input device to allow the observer to have some form of control as to how their environment is shifting. I would also like to implement the Perspective Anamorphosis [at the next level]. It's really my dream to be able to create a virtual environment that is indistinguishable from the real thing. I think its interesting that if you have complete control over one's environment, you can have it eloquently shift from the real to the imaginary.

These environments are not defined by natural characteristics but by one's imagination, allowing for the superimposition of a mindspace onto (or deep within) a physical domain. Awakening a space with life through the connection of the perceptual awareness of the observer and the creativity of the designer, based on the theory that the mind is essentially a tool [for] perceiving the enigma that is our surroundings and vice versa. It's based around the notion that we have only skimmed the surface when it comes to identifying and experiencing the complexities of a given space. Complete digital control has taken over the environment,allowing realities to shift from the actual to the imaginary. Real-world environments are augmented in such a way that perception cannot be defined as being under cerebral or environmental control and thus reality is undifferentiated from hallucination. I really feel that there could be an infinite number of experiences that we are not yet equipped to discover. We are really on a threshold of technological discovery. (more) -- Kit Webster

Kit Webster (link)

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