Sunday, March 7, 2010

Field trip: Whitney Biennial 2010 with Mark and James and Paddy

A wander-through in fine company with Mark! His thoughts: (link)

Videos from James Kalm, part 1 of 3

James Kalm, part 2 of 3

James Kalm, part 3 of 3


Paddy Johnson is a must-read in L Magazine:

This year, the stars finally aligned for The Whitney: this biennial is good. Spread over just three floors of the museum—the number of artists this year was reduced from 81 in 2008 to 55—the exhibition succeeds at least in part because it doesn't place impossible demands upon its viewers. (Read more)

Random related goodness: The Bruce High Quality Foundation (link)

Update: John Perreault looks back, looks ahead, looks around, goes on vacation, and comes up with six artworks worth looking at (link)


  1. thank you Mab, I particularLY liked the Bruce High quality installation and that smoke piece is breathtaking if done.

  2. Thanks for the videos. Great way to present the show.

  3. thanks for your comments sowa's dog and art trip, art is best experienced with friends :)