Saturday, May 8, 2010

Soup: Last Weekend for 'There's no bible in here?'

Dekka Raymaker & Penumbra Carter
Dekka Raymaker & Penumbra Carter's There's no bible in here?

Fair Warning! This is the last weekend to see this fantastic sim-wide exhibition. By Tuesday it will have vanished. Mab is working on a machinima to document the installation so that will be another chance to see a wee version of it later on this blog. But nothing can take the place of experiencing it for yourself! Go now before it's too late! Best seen at sunset or midnight. Sounds are an integral part of the artwork, and should be turned on and up. How to describe it? That's a hard question but it's sort of like an organic industrial fifties-feeling modern working factory simscape driven by an efficient steampunk system, a littered church, freebies that cost $L, mythological ornithology, denizens of the deep, and sublimated eros.

Oh, and also it's like this.

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