Thursday, December 31, 2009

(Art:21) Performative Interventions: The Progression of 4D Art in a Virtual 3D World
Eva & Franco Mattes aka Pseudo-Futurist Video Game Improvisation Extravaganza Odyssey 16 Nov 2009

Second Life artists are exploring how to captivate, or use the element of time to interact with an active audience. They have abandoned strict adherence to traditional hierarchies of art and embraced the virtual. In the past fifty years especially, ideas about time have shifted from passive to interactive and, currently, to perceptually immersive, via filmmaking and animation, the theatricality of performance, and virtual reality.

Nettrice Gaskins touches on Fluxus, Second Front, ZeroG Skydancers, RMB City, Bibbe Oh, Cao Fei, ColeMarie Soleil, DanCoyote Antonelli, Man Michinaga, Azdel Slade, echolalia Azalee, Stelarc, CARP, José den Burger, Velazquez Bonetto, Eva and Franco Mattes (among others!)

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