Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Art21 Blog (Art 2.1: Creating on the Social Web)

November 30, 2009: Art:21 Blog's Nettrice Gaskins draws a connection between the virtual in cave art and in Second Life®, going on to highlight interviews with Second Life® artists DanCoyote Antonelli, Bryn Oh, Maya Paris, Alizarin Goldflake, and Vu Sosa.

"... to truly experience immersive, virtual 3D art you have to go there."

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December 2, 2009: Today's column by Nicole Sansone on ETeam and their dumpster in Second Life®.

"... what struck me most about ETeam’s approach, and what always seems to strike me about art that deals with Second Life, is that ETeam was imbuing this utopian ideal with a small piece of dirty reality."

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Both columns are interesting reading, and the one by Nettrice Gaskins already has a ballpark of comments.

Also in this series:

On Virtual Worlds: An Interview with Filmmaker Victor Pineiro (Second Skin) By Jonathan Munar

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