Thursday, December 3, 2009

Brooklyn is Watching: Tuned to AM (Red)

Penumbra Carter captures a slice of Brooklyn is Watching:Push

Dekka Raymaker: Misprint Thursday placed AM Radio's 'How Fast We Fly' shack, Penumbra Carter added a 'Sculptie Horse' by Nomasha Syaka in a doorway, Dekka Raymaker placed the thin red wedge, Oberon Onmura placed red toy taxis and road, Misprint Thursday then placed 'phonesplosion' Solo Mornington placed cannon and target

Update: Maya Paris (link) adds to the Scarlet Wave (you can see her Fillybot in the video above but why not come inworld and experience it for yourself? (SLurl):

Misprint Thursday- AM Radio's "How Fast We Fly" + her own "phonesplosion"
Penumbra Carter- wall + Sculptie horse by Nomasha Syaka
Dekka Raymaker-thin red wedge
Oberon Onmura- road + taxi toys by Arcadia Asylum
Dancoyote Antonelli- Sculptie horses (as above)
Solo Mornington- Tree-ornament-shooting cannon + target
Maya Paris- Fillybots made from same sculptie horses + my fembots
L1Aura Loire- Sizzling frying pans + "Butter's carrot" by Jacqueline Bancroft

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  1. :)) You helped us all see red:)Change is gunna come!