Sunday, August 9, 2009

SLon: Tuna Oddfellow's Odd Ball Performance today


Tuna Oddfellow's not only performing SLon des Refuses' Opening Reception tomorrow (Monday) at the Odd Ball, he's also devoting today's Odd Ball to SLon as well! So if you can't make it to one, come to the other!

Sunday (today) 9 August 11AM SLT

Monday (tomorrow) 10 August 7PM SLT

The events will be at the Odd Ball (slurl)

More Tuna Oddfellow can be found here:

Oddfellow Studios (link)

The Odd Ball at SLCC (Second Life Community Convention) Friday 14 August 8PM to Midnight PT (link)


? SLon des Refuses? What's that? Look here (link)

SLon des Refuses on Magoo (slurl)

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