Thursday, August 13, 2009

Final Five: Selavy Oh's The Final Show

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The Final Five artists in the Best of Brooklyn is Watching Year 1 Festival created new work using virtual copies of the original Jack the Pelican Presents gallery built by Dekka Raymaker. Finalist Selavy Oh chose to riff on the gallery itself much as a twenty-first century music composer might. The space was treated as theme and multiplied, with variation and the element of chance brought in to play by inviting friends to show new works of their own. Visitors shape their experience by exploring and interacting with the labyrinthine virtual galleries that disappear and reappear, some empty, some full, thereby becoming a part of and completing the art. The only way to fully experience Selavy Oh's The Final Show is to actively engage with it.

The Final Show machinima by Penumbra Carter

From the notecard by Selavy Oh:

In a virtual world, the notion of space has a different meaning. While a real gallery is limited by the size of the available space, a virtual gallery is limited by the number objects that can be shown.

A virtual gallery is not just a single space, but can be many parallel spaces. The gallery spaces can be exchanged, concatenated, they can be modified, they are only context but not requirement.

You may walk into the virtual gallery and see one exhibition, you turn around, and walk into the same gallery again to see something completely different.

Consequently, this exhibition features work by several of the artists whose work was chosen to be among the 30 best artworks of year 1 of Brooklyn Is Watching, but were not selected by the judges for the Final Five.

The Location

East of Odyssey (slurl)

The Artists:

Arahan Claveau– "Adrift"
Dekka Raymaker– "Artbortion"
comet Morigi– "*~comet Morigi Bio 090804"
Oberon Onmura– "Fight for Order"
Misprint Thursday– "Suspended Hang-Ups"

Curation and Space:

Selavy Oh

Update: Read MonCherrie Afterthought's parsing of Selavy's overtones and pitch on the Brooklyn is Watching blog (link)

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