Sunday, August 9, 2009

POL Arida and The O R I G I N A L S are back

POL Arida Screaming Song for a Retard

From the Youtube page:
The treatment of mentally disabled people in the UK by Social Services, Police, Judiciary and the Media. As with most of his songs, the key is to interpret the words. A piece of video art to explode the mind and expand our understanding of the mentally disabled. For his son.

Get the words to this song and more at (link).

POL will perform live today (Sunday 9 August) with the O R I G I N A L S, a group of Second Life® musicians who play original music live as a traveling group, in their own short sets, in various venues.


This month the O R IG I N A L S are Cylindrian Rutabaga, Avvy Barzane, Grace McDunnough, Mulder Watts, POL Arida, Dann Numbers, Pilgrim75 Swashbuckler, Blindboy Gumbo, Spence Wilder and Slim Warrior.

More info at Role Magazine (link)

The O R I G I N A L S can be found on MySpace (link) The schedule for today can be found there as well. POL will perform at 12:00 SLT.

Today's venue is Menorca (slurl)

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