Tuesday, May 12, 2009

gathering ingredients

Dekka Raymaker
Dekka Raymaker's Prim Soup (slurl)

Hi all! This is the new blog for Soup, for now. Do you have suggestions on how it could be made to work better for everyone? The previous 2 posts are just random fillers to show how the text will look and visuals. (Although the Art21 video trailer is intriguing- I believe that Second Life® will feature in the next season as example of newMedia!)

I'll tweak the Soup invite along with the landmarks for all the different spaces and post it here so we'll have it as reference and can change the wording as we go along as we see what works and what doesn't, also how much some of that stuff matters or not. It's possible that it might read better in FAQ form, with images.

We need to decide if this blog should be private or public. I do think that outsiders will find it interesting. On the other hand it's possible that we might be using the blog to discuss things that some might not be prepared to take public just yet. Sometimes things lose a sense of spontaneity with outside pressures. What do you think?

As with all Second Life® artmaking, this blog will be a work in progress as well as a record of what we've done. I hope to make plenty of pictures to document the process and will invite experienced machinima artists to make of it what they will. Some time very soon I'll invite the next batch of artists/guests. And then the third batch (or step in the recipe haha) will be to invite reporters/bloggers for public relations, and then finally the public as a result.

Which leads to the next question. Should the sim be public access at this point? I left it public for a day to see what would happen and there were more unknown visitors than I would have thought. There is no visitor tracking since I'm not up on that yet. I directly observed the ones I could see for a good while (probably about 15 minutes). This unscientific experiment makes me think the SIM is "sticky" which most would think a good thing.

Ok, I had more to say but can't remember what it was and I've run out of steam. Hope to see you all soon!



  1. Hi Mab, congrats on the new blog, I need to read the note you sent me preoperly, this all sounds like a really cool idea. Speak soon. -Arahan-

  2. Thanks Arahan!

    The note will be posted to the blog soon, with less words ;)

  3. Hello Mab:) You can keep the sim as an open place for awhile and see what happens. It is a lovely place and it gives another avatar a look into your minds eye.

  4. Ok, thanks Pen, I guess we'll play it by ear :) or by mouseclicks. Sometimes the SIM will be public access and sometimes it won't. Catch as catch can .....

    (eek, my minds eye is like a hamster wheel! you don't really want to see that)