Friday, May 22, 2009

Field Trip: Event Horizon

David Hominal Le Troue (2009)

Event Horizon@Raster, Warsaw, Poland (link) (more)

Within the gallery itself the opening scene consists of David Hominal’s corridor-sculpture Through the Window (2009), an assemblage that comprises an armchair, a lighter, a packet of cigarettes and a Polish translation of Andrei Bely’s modernist novel Saint Petersburg (1913, revised 1922). Recounting the story of Russia in 1905, the paperback is one of a pair of literary references made by Hominal. In the large room, Le Troue (2009) comprises the collected works of Victor Hugo, a stake rammed through the middle of their pages. Little squares of paper, scraps displaced by the spike, hang on the wall in three collages. The works recall Marcel Duchamp’s instructions for a window-hung geometry book The Unhappy Readymade (1919). ‘It amused me,’ Duchamp later admitted, ‘to disparage the seriousness of a book full of principles.’ (Daniel Miller, Frieze Magazine (link)  

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