Monday, October 12, 2009

Field Trip: How It Is

Miroslaw Balka
Miroslaw Balka
Miroslaw Balka
Miroslaw Balka
Tenth commission in The Unilever Series, Miroslaw Balka's new work opens today in the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern in London and runs till 5 April 2010.

How it is, is only complete when you, the viewer, enter.

-- Curator's Introduction (Flash interactive exploration) (link)

The title, How It Is, is taken from Samuel Beckett's novel of the same name and Balka said the piece should be seen as being about everything and nothing. "There is no one single direct inspiration for the piece and the words of the artist are not so important. The work is important. It is good or bad. It works or it does not work."

-- Mark Brown, (link)

More information at Tate Modern (link)

Miroslaw Balka bio at White Cube (link)

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