Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Brooklyn is Watching: 30 Best Press Release

Selavy Oh & Ichibot Nishi
Selavy Oh's Spiral and Ichibot Nishi's Episodic.Atomized @Biw 30 Best (slurl) (link)

From Jay Van Buren:

The Department of Visual Art at the University of Kansas Sim is proud to present “The Brooklyn is Watching 30 Best,”a juried selection of the year’s best artworks installed on the Brooklyn is Watching SIM in Second Life (SL). “The 30 Best” is part of the Brooklyn is Watching Year One Festival, and runs from July 7th through August 23rd in both SL at KU ART SIM, and in real life at Jack The Pelican Presents in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The festival began in SL with open nominations in June, and in early August a celebrity judge panel will select the top five artworks. Judges include SL greats Amy Wilson, Annabeth Robinson, Stacey Fox, and SL avatars AM Radio and Bettina Tizzy. The festival continues in real life at Jack The Pelican Presents, where the top five will be on display from August 7 to 23rd. Panel discussions, performances and other programming based on the competition will be announced late July.

Nominated artists include: Dancoyote Antonelli, Dekka Raymaker, Gazira Babeli, Glyph Graves, Juria Yoshikawa, Misprint Thursday, Patriciaanne Daviau, Oberon Onmura, Pavig Lok, Rachel Breaker, Rezago Kokorin, two time nominated Arahan Claveau, Comet Morigi, Ichibot Nishi, Nebulosus Severine, Selavy Oh, Solkide Auer, and three time nominated Bryn Oh and four time nominated Alizarin Goldflake.

Brooklyn is Watching is a project, started by Jay Van Buren, and Sponsored by that takes place in Second Life, as well as the real world. In Second Life there is a virtual space where artists from all over display their computer art to be seen by people at Jack the Pelican Presents, a gallery in Williamsburg.

The Year One Festival began as a way to archive and celebrate the best pieces accumulated over the year, but also confirms that Brooklyn really is watching, inspiring and challenging artists to continue making computer arts.

For more information, please . . . visit our blog at

The Brooklyn is Watching project has been written up in the New York Times Magazine and Brooklyn Rail. Its podcasts have featured Tyler Coburn of Brooklyn Rail and Barbara London of MoMA.

Jack the Pelican Presents is a trendsetting Williamsburg gallery specializing in contemporary art and owned by Don Carrol, founding editor of Art Lies Magazine.

Popcha! is a boutique media technology agency focused on making virtual worlds work for its clients. As one of Second Life’s first Gold Solution Providers, Popcha! has been been singled out as a highly qualified provider who has demonstrated a high level of client satisfaction and has developed successful projects on behalf of businesses, governments, educational institutions, and other business organizations in Second Life.

Located in Lawrence, Kansas, The University of Kansas is a member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design and is a research 1 University. The Department of Visual Art is comprised of 30 full time professors who teach painting, sculpture, printmaking, new media, ceramics, textiles, metals and art education, and has impressive studio space.

There will be an opening celebration on Friday at 6pm eastern 3pm SLT. The reception for the artists’ will be on August 7th at 7pm eastern 4pm SLT.

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