Monday, July 20, 2009

And now it seems to me the beautiful uncut hair of graves*

Penumbra Carter

Penumbra Carter

Penumbra Carter

Penumbra Carter's mysterious cosmos spins technology and wonder into a tender dialectic with The Unkempt Hair of the Dead.

Arthole Season 3 (link) (slurl)

From the notecard for The Unkempt Hair of the Dead:
I have entitled my piece "The Unkempt Hair of the Dead" from a line in a Walt Whitman poem. He writes that the grass in cemeteries is the unkempt hair of the dead. I don't think he was being morbid, but just celebrating the fact that eventually we are swallowed back up by the earth and defacto the universe. The cycle of small matter to large matter, and back to small matter.

I have always been fascinated by people in the past who have tried to study and look at the universe and imagine how it all works. So I have paid homage to a few devices from the past created to explore and understand such things.

William Pearson's Orrery (link)

Johannes Kepler's Solar System (link)

Johannes Hevelius's Telescope (link)

I have placed grass underneath my version of our universe and made a device that is the initial maker of stuff of the universe. Whales to me represent one of the few remaining ancient mysteries we have on earth, they seem to be more of a creature of the universe than the earth.

Penumbra Carter is a talented artist and filmmaker in both Second Life® and Real Life℗. Her machinimas can be viewed on Youtube (link).

*Walt Whitman, from "A child said, What is the grass?"

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