Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nicole/There's no bible in here?

Virtual Art filmed in Second Life® at Soup:Magoo
Lovers Lane Studios

Best viewed full-screen, and with headphones to capture the environmental soundscape

There's no bible in here? Virtual Art Installation by Dekka Raymaker and Penumbra Carter (2010)

"Nicole" Music composed and performed by Norman Lamont

Machinima Cast: Amy Freelunch, Cinco Pizzicato, Mab MacMoragh, and Solo Mornington

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This "Nicole" is an alternate version of the song found on Norman Lamont's Romantic Fiction 2 (2007)


  1. really fantastic! I kept thinking as i was watching it that there's no way I can get my head around how machinima is made, but this is really terrific to see. i feel like you got a lot of nuances and expressions out of all the avatars.

    really cool!! xo !

  2. thank you amy, it couldn't have been done without you :)

  3. amy, yes, it was also my feeling that this one of the rare cases where i really enjoyed watching a machinima. it is fantastic. mab, it was really worth all the effort.