Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nathaniel Stern: Given Time

Given Time: a permanent, networked installation by Nathaniel Stern from nathaniel stern on Vimeo.

Given Time simultaneously activates and performs two permanently logged-in Second Life avatars, each forever and only seen by and through the other. They hover in mid-air, almost completely still, gazing into one another’s interface. Viewers encounter this networked partnership as a diptych of large-scale and facing video projections in a real world gallery, both exhibiting a live view of one avatar, as perceived by the other. To create a visceral aesthetic, these custom-designed and life-sized "bodies" are hand-drawn in subtly animated charcoal, graphite and pastel. The audience is invited to physically walk between them; they’re able to hear and see them breathing, witness their hair blowing in the wind, pick up faint sounds such as rushing water or birds crying out from the surrounding simulated environment. Here, an intimate exchange between dual, virtual bodies is transformed into a public meditation on human relationships, bodily mortality, and time’s inevitable flow.

nathaniel stern (link)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Field trip: Whitney Biennial 2010 with Mark and James and Paddy

A wander-through in fine company with Mark! His thoughts: (link)

Videos from James Kalm, part 1 of 3

James Kalm, part 2 of 3

James Kalm, part 3 of 3


Paddy Johnson is a must-read in L Magazine:

This year, the stars finally aligned for The Whitney: this biennial is good. Spread over just three floors of the museum—the number of artists this year was reduced from 81 in 2008 to 55—the exhibition succeeds at least in part because it doesn't place impossible demands upon its viewers. (Read more)

Random related goodness: The Bruce High Quality Foundation (link)

Update: John Perreault looks back, looks ahead, looks around, goes on vacation, and comes up with six artworks worth looking at (link)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sowa Mai: Field of Voices

Lovers Lane Studios artist Sowa Mai has been developing an SL/RL project for Aequitas in collaboration with Caerleon. He needs your voice! Or a sound file from you (whistling? humming? musical instrument?)! Be creative! Be a part of the Field of Voices! It's easy! Do it today! Your voice will be heard in the virtual world of Second Life® as well as in 6 countries around the world! Exhibition opens April 2010!

More info here!

Field of Voices (link)