Saturday, September 19, 2009

Baron Grayson on Magoo

High Seas Pirate Ship, Sanctum Ruins (partial), Aghamora Irish Cottage

From the notecard: The first version of this ship was built as part of an inworld adventure headed by Keith Extraordinare in 2005 for Burning Life.

Mab rezzed these structures temporarily on Magoo while it was empty to see what they looked like and took the opportunity to wear a pirate lady's dress she had in her inventory but had never unboxed (RFL outfit from M'Lady's, jewelry by Sue Stonebender) . They're vanished now but will be back in some form eventually. In some of the pictures Eryri can be seen in the background. The great white whale floating in the sky was made by Soup artists Penumbra Carter and Dekka Raymaker for the closing party of the SLon des Refuses, and the trees in silhouette are made by Sue Stonebender, as is the big house.


  1. (I sent comments to you in IM but figured I'd post them here as well.)

    I remember Baron Grayson's Burning Life pirate build very well; as a matter of fact I attended the party he had aboard the ship at the end of Burning Life 2005 - if I remember correctly, it was Talk Like A Pirate Day then, & the first time I had ever heard of it. Very happy memories; Burning Life had an amazingly huge impact on me, who was then a mere few months into Second Life. Thanks for posting these pics, Mab. Baron was/is an extraordinary artist. I had always wanted one of his ships but never got around to buying one.

  2. thanks, neb! i wasn't around to see these things the first time around- they really are very beautifully made and there is a distinct atmosphere to them

    last year when i was very new i tried to go to burning life but couldn't keep from crashing every time. maybe this year i'll be able to see something there!