Sunday, June 14, 2009

Field Trip: Appearing Rooms

Jeppe Hein Appearing Rooms (currently @Southbank Centre, London)

Hamlet and Jeppe Hein are both Danish and they could not be, at first glance, more apart in their approach to the reality that surrounds them. But in a way both indulge in a doubt about existence that makes them closer than it seems. Hamlet’s doubt is too famous to be repeated, but Jeppe’s doubt has not yet reached such notoriety, because maybe not even he knows what it’s about. His doubt is about art itself, how the individual can produce today a work of art that is not simply auto-referential and self-celebrating but addresses the nature of our social texture and blends with the basic flow of human actions. So the question for the young Danish is: “To be, just to be, or to be more, to be better?”

-- Francesco Bonami "Don't look! Move!"

Jeppe Hein's Loop Bench was featured @Art Basel, which ended today (link)

More (link)


  1. thanks neb, it's so neat to see the interaction of the people with the fountain

  2. yes and not knowing when the walls will go up or down, even though they could have walked through most didnt. Makes me think that any wall you put up in your mind can come down or you can get through it. I bit philosophical today:P